Zayda Barros Photography

Bio: Photographer and dog lover who eats way too much candy. Currently working on adding pins to her world map, if her unnecessary collecting of miscellaneous objects allows it. Can be found with a book in her hands and her head in the clouds, often with a pup curled up on her lap.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! I would like to purchase an art print of your “Running Free” photo.
    I saw it on Society 6 – is it possible to get a portrait rather than landscape versio (like the iPhone case) in a size near 24 by 36 inches?

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you so very much for the interest in the print, yes. I can make that for you. I am not home right now but as soon as I get back I will send you pricing for it and an image of what it would look like. May I use the email address you used to comment here? Thank you!

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