Enchanted Fairy – Styled Session

Recently, I got to spend two wonderful weeks with the most amazing friend ever in her house in Pittsburgh. Besides lots of delicious food and great adventures, we did a Fairy Photo Shoot for her beautiful daughter, Penny. They have a huge backyard with the most gorgeous light, and we just had to take advantage of it! Mom made the dress and spray painted the lantern, and the wings, paper butterflies and crown are from Amazon.com. Add a jar of gold glitter and we had our fairy princess!

I absolutely love how poofy her dress turned out!

I’m seriously in love with these woods. Can I just go live there?

As you can probably notice, Penny’s face got brighter as soon as the glitter came out. She really had a lot of fun making a mess with it. (And so did I!)

I really had a lot of fun with this beautiful little one, and I am looking forward to more styled sessions in the future!

Published by Zayda Barros Photography

Photographer and dog lover who eats way too much candy. Currently working on adding pins to her world map, if her unnecessary collecting of miscellaneous objects allows it. Can be found with a book in her hands and her head in the clouds, often with a pup curled up on her lap.

2 thoughts on “Enchanted Fairy – Styled Session

    1. Hi Martha! I unfortunately cannot help with that since I did not make the dress, I only took the photographs! However, if you do a Google search on “No-Sew Fairy Dress”, a lot of tutorials should come up. Hope you find what you’re looking for ans thanks for stopping by my blog.

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