A&R – Maternity

Lately my mind has been filled with maternity sessions. No, I don’t have baby fever…yet, but a few of my friends are pregnant and another couple of friends are trying to get pregnant, and the idea of new, adorable, squishy babies is filling my mind, so today I am sharing with you just a couple of pictures from a very quick mini-session I did back in Seoul. Mom just wanted a couple of quick snaps of her belly. (later that week she had the most adorable boy+girl twins EVER!)

DSC_2284 DSC_2305BW DSC_2311 DSC_2384

Published by Zayda Barros Photography

Photographer and dog lover who eats way too much candy. Currently working on adding pins to her world map, if her unnecessary collecting of miscellaneous objects allows it. Can be found with a book in her hands and her head in the clouds, often with a pup curled up on her lap.

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